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Vicki’s birth story


38 weeks 4 days



Born 12.09am


On Sunday 23rd in the morning we were about to have breakfast in our pyjamas when I felt a gush of warm water at 8.30. Excitedly I ran into the kitchen to tell Aaron and we looked at the water in my pyjama bottoms. I had to keep telling Aaron not to get too excited and things would happen in time.

I phoned triage who said, since I was booked for a homebirth they would send someone out to check it was waters as there were no contractions. At 10.30 the midwife came out and said it was my hind waters so baby may still not arrive for a while. I was really disappointed but we went along with our normal day to try and get things going.

At about 6.30 I had more waters leaking out and was sure things were happening. We put our little boy to bed and I went for a warm bath where I started getting strong tightenings in my back and lower stomach. Aaron went downstairs to set up the living room as I was sure I’d get a couple hours sleep before things started happening. He put lavender and clary sage burning and my birth playlist on.

Once I got out of the bath I was listening to my body, laid on the bed and began to time surges. They were every 7 or 8 minutes and I told Aaron to phone the hospital. As he was on the phone I knew things were moving on quickly and afterwards I told him to phone back and say they were every 4 mins.

It was now time to go downstairs and Aaron had made the living room perfect with fairy lights and pictures of our son to get the oxytocin flowing. I flopped on the sofa and tried to stay calm but I knew this wasn’t the best position to get things going (especially following the amazing birth positions session at yoga only 4 days before!) Aaron put the tens machine on me and it really helped. I visualised the surges getting stronger up a mountain then falling down the other side.

When the midwife arrived I was mid surge and moved to the yoga mat on all fours. She was amazing and just sat quietly and watched.

I moved around the living room between each surge with my playlist playing which really helped. At one point I can remember feeling panic and saying to Aaron that I didn’t want to do it anymore and he assured me I could do it. I thought this could be transition and focused on some positive affirmations. At this point the midwife offered if I wanted to be examined. I found lying on my back very uncomfortable but was amazed when she said I was fully dilated already! I started shaking and knew this was the adrenaline at the transition phase and that I would meet my baby soon!

Then I felt the urge to push so supported by Aaron and the midwife I got to the living room on all fours on the yoga mat.

I had to breath downwards for less than 20 minutes in total and remembered not to force and how the baby needs to bob back in and out to reduce the risk of tearing. 

Harry was born at 12.09am with no pain relief, just breathing and the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques.

No stitches and baby Harry was born calmly - when the midwife checked his heart-rate throughout he was always chilled. At 6.30am my 2 year old woke up and came downstairs to meet his baby brother. It was a perfect positive birth.

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