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A good birth goes beyond a healthy baby

Many people don't stop to think about this statement - 'A good birth goes beyond a healthy baby' but of course healthy babies are important but equally so are healthy mothers. Mothers who are empowered, relevant, informed.

A word that comes up a lot in less than empowering birth stories - 'allowed! 'I was not allowed to go past 40 weeks.' 'I was not allowed to continue birthing naturally' 'I was not allowed to go in the birth pool'.

Hypnobirthing supports a change in this dialogue between mothers and their caregivers. Women are in charge of their own birth - you are in charge! Know your choices!

Caregivers need your informed consent to change the natural course of your birth. Informed! Do you know the benefits and risks? Do you have any other options? Do you feel able to make this choice?

You can say no. You may not need to. But merely knowing you can empowers you.

Let's have healthy mums and baby's leaving the birth room.

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