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A strange world right now. How can hypnobirthing help you feel confident birthing through a pandemic

It is easy to sit and list the well documented benefits of hypnobirthing for mums and babies during pregnancy and birth - positive experiences, often less interventions, shorter and more comfortable labours and feeling empowered.

But unfortunately COVID-19 has given mums an extra layer of worry when they think about the birth of their baby. Will my place of birth change? Will my birth partner be able to attend? How will the midwives be keeping me safe?

Knowing your choices and how they can effect your birth is more relevant than ever - how to control your birth environment to best support the birth hormone oxytocin. How to ensure your muscles are relaxed and can work most effectively using good oxygenated blood to decrease discomfort. How to stay calm to stop cortisol and adrenaline prohibiting production of oxytocin. How your breath can support the muscles of the uterus and the power of the mind.

Shoreham Hypnobirthing now offers extra support on dealing with birthing through a health crisis and I will be there for you for the duration of your pregnancy every step of the way. Check out my facebook page for more links, videos and tips to support a calm, confident birth.

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