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It’s my due date! But I’m still pregnant...what’s next?

Well quite simply, nothing has to come next. Let me remind you that only 15% of babies arrive on or before their due dates. There is nothing wrong with babies who arrive after this date, in fact it is completely normal.

When we think about the word ‘late’ our brains automatically produce cortisol (the stress hormone) because the connotations suggest that something is wrong. If your running late it’s usually because somethings happened - bad traffic, you forgot something, poor planning.

Labelling babies as late after their due dates is harmful for creating fear and tension in our bodies. This tension can actually make it less likely for your body to go into labour naturally. If you think about the hormone needed for birth - ✨oxytocin ✨ the best way to produce this is feeling calm, confident and relaxed!

So here’s 5 things to do on your due date-

⭐️ Watch a funny film, think of this time as extra bonus time to spend doing things you love

⭐️ Have a bath to relax your muscles

⭐️ Keep calm, practise your relaxation tracks and positive visualisations

⭐️ Do not feel pressured to accept any interventions before you are ready - use your B.R.A.I.N.S acronym to support your choices

⭐️ Remember ‘BABY KNOWS BEST’ your body knew to nurture your baby and will know how to birth when the time is right

Check out the evidence on the effectiveness of sweeps and don’t just trust what you see in Facebook groups. Make an informed choice on if and when you choose to accept an induction based on evidence, risks and benefits.

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