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So pubs are open but I can’t have my birth partner! How is this even fair?

For many pregnant women right now, waiting For the storm to pass is a bitter pill to swallow.

Not having your dream baby shower and friends touching your ever growing bump seem easier to handle than not having your partner there to hold

your hand during quite possible the biggest day of your lives seems tragically unfair.

Many women have spoken openly about this and Shanie Ryan, a TV and radio presenter, started the hugely successful campaign #BirthPartnersAllowed.

So, what can we do?

Firstly, tweet, share, write and post to your local MPs, to Borris and to Matt Hancock!

But in the meantime, women are birthing RIGHT NOW without their birth partner in early labour.

Hypnobirthing is an amazing tool to prepare you mentally and have faith that YOU CAN do this, you are capable and your body is designed for this.

If you know a pregnant mum right now - send them a link to the podcast on my website, buy them The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves or send them a pack of Positive Affirmation cards. Even better, enrol them on a hypnobirthing course!

To anyone pregnant right now - you are amazing, you are strong and you can still have a calm and positive birth experience 💛

Love Vicki xx

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