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The perfect birth partner doesn't exist...oh wait!

Every time we see birth in films and TV, we see a useless, floundering birth partner who doesn't seem to know what is going on. Try giving your birth partner this checklist.

The Perfect Birth Partner

- Remain calm, firm and confident. Your voice should remain calm and encouraging.

- Be encouraging – talk about the baby, tell her she is doing well, reassure her your little baby is OK. - Look Happy and excited!

- Be clear on the birth plan and be her advocate.

- Cool flannel, glass of water, offer snacks and hydration.

- Light touch massage, calming touch

- Counting back from 40 slowly during surges

- Protect the environment – lighting, music

- Suggest a different position

– breath with her, hold her hand

- Be prepared – fuel, parking, where to find things

- Communicate with HCP (Health Care Professionals)

- Help her with moving positions, encouraging going to the loo

- Move in close and do all you can to help her regain her inner strength at moments of emotional lows. Usually this is brief but with your help it’ll pass and her spirits will rise - Acknowledge how she is feeling and support in making her comfortable

- Share a happy place, memory and describe

- Use the birth playlist to support the production of oxytocin (your wedding song)

- Stay close, right by her side

- Ask questions, use the BRAINS

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