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What does a contraction feel like?

We see contractions on TV as a person with a tense jaw, clenched fists, tight shoulders and screaming.

In fact there are loads of powerful positive affirmations that can be used alongside each contraction, try these:

💛 I can do anything for one minute

💛 Each contraction brings me closer to my baby

💛 Birth is powerful and so am I

The muscles of the uterus work hard to birth your baby, but releasing the tension in your body will enable them to work more comfortably and efficiently. Being in a relaxed body will ensure the good quality oxygenated blood is exactly where it needs to be - in the uterus! Not in the arms and legs ready to run in fight or flight mode!

As soon as your contraction (or in my case squat) is over you can stand up, shake it out and relax for a few minutes.

Let me know your favourite affirmations for contractions...

Vicki x

P.s excuse my grubby gym outfit - had to squeeze in a quick workout at nap time 😉

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