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What is hypnobirthing all about?!

There is often the misconception that hypnobirthing is only for women seeking a drug free labour at home. The reality is that hypnobirthing antenatal classes are for anyone and all types of birth. Hypnobirthing offers both antenatal education and relaxation techniques that support a positive birth experience. It also endevours to involve birth partners and ensure they have an active and vital role throughout labour. Long gone are the days of dads-to-be sitting down the corridor with a cigar! I know first hand how much a once skeptical partner, loved the involvement and role that hypnobirthing gave him. Hypnobirthing reminds us that our bodies are designed to carry babies and give birth. By learning the science of how the muscles work in your body, it can help to release fear. Hypnobirthing also looks at the dramatised view of birth that surrounds us, and how this can impact on your own birth experience. Hypnobirthing opens possibilities and can be used as life skills to practise mindfulness, breathing and meditation. They can be used in any births including cesarean births. This approach also promotes the use of positive language in birth and how deep relaxation and meditation can support your muscles to work in harmony to make birth easier. Visualisations and positive affirmations can also support you in your journey to a positive birth. Hypnobirthing is not about having a perfect birth, it is about having a positive birth experience and making informed choices about your own birth.


  • Decrease stress and fear during childbirth

  • Effective breathing techniques for a comfortable labour

  • Education about your choices

  • Making pregnancy enjoyable and birthing exciting

  • Feeling informed and confident as you approach birth

  • Shorten the length of labour

  • Empower yourself and your birth partner

  • A calm and gentle atmosphere for your baby to be born into

  • Make informed choices during labour

  • Often less interventions and less pain relief needed

  • Empowering birth partners to take a lead

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