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Why are we so afraid of BIG BABIES?

It’s something I hear so much -

“They said my baby is going to be massive”

”I hope he’s small”

”I can’t believe the baby was 9lbs”

”How unlucky for you, that’s so big”

Isn’t is crazy that we have such a negative view about big babies?! Instead of big, why not use the word healthy. We want nourished, healthy children…and babies too!

In terms of genetics, it is quite unlikely for your body to grow something that is too large to birth.

In terms of accurate measuring of the size of babies - take a further look at the research for how accurate this is…or not!! It is a total guess as to the size of a baby in pregnancy. The only way to know the weight of the baby…is to weigh the baby once it is born!

In my own pregnancy I can remember being told “you’re huge” and even my own family members laughed at me when I purchased a ‘tiny baby’ outfit for my hospital bag. I gave birth to a 6lb12oz baby…every body is different, and so is every baby!!

So, let’s stop scaring people about birthing big babies and encourage people that their bodies are able to grow and birth healthy babies!

Do the research.

Be informed.

Take control over your birth.

Vicki x

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