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Why choose a face to face hypnobirthing course?

Why would you choose a face-to-face course over an online course or reading one of the many books available on Amazon?

Quite simply - you get what you pay for. With hypnobirthing it is not enough to just believe it will work - yes this is a huge part of releasing fear BUT it takes practise to undo a lifetimes worth of predisposition to birth.

One of the huge reasons people flock to online courses is the cost, and I am not saying there is anything wrong with with self taught hypnobirthing but consider the quality of the material you choose.

Face-to-face hypnobirthing teachers offer a complete antenatal course tailored to you. We have a huge network of birth professionals and experts at our fingertips and anything I can’t answer I can guarantee one of my colleagues can.

Teachers offer support both during your pregnancy and beyond. Birth partners are fully present, involved and show commitment on personal courses. Misconceptions are addressed as they arise and it is a great opportunity to meet like-minded mums-to-be in your area.

Lots of teachers offer payment plans so mums can reach the best possible antenatal care in a climate where sadly the wonderful NHS staff at overstretched.

Check out for more information on hypnobirthing and how it could empower your birth.

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