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Why Hypnobirthing is not all hippy free births...

Tomorrow is My Harry's 2nd Birthday and it felt like the right time to share something a little bit more personal. I try not to share too many specifics about my own births during the course because hypnobirthing is all about your own positive and empowering experience, but here is a little bit more about what led me to becoming a birth professional.

This picture was taken by Aaron just moments after Harry arrived on our living room floor. We had the lounge set up with my playlist, positive affirmations and fairy lights while Charlie slept upstairs. If anyone had ever told me years ago that I would have had a home birth, I'd never have believed them! To me - hospital meant safe. However, after doing my research (a lot!), finding out exactly how birth works and understanding the hormones needed for birth, it was the best choice for us.

It also meant that we had the most perfect moment of Charlie waking up to meet his baby brother downstairs. He called him 'My Harry'.

For me, birth was a really positive experience - there were points where it was uncomfortable and powerful but I had all the tools I needed. Including having the most amazing and informed birth partner. I liked having complete control over my environment and being able to put Charlie to bed gave me all the extra oxytocin my body needed in the night.

It's not hippy, or all about free birthing without pain relief. Hypnobirthing is totally about using science to feel in control, confident and free from fear (fear creates tension in the body causing fear tension pain - even if you don't know it's there).

My advice if you're thinking about hypnobirthing - do it, you won't regret it.

Vicki x

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