Session 1 – Introduction to Hypnobirthing

  1. The Power of the Mind

  2. Physiology of Birth

Session 2 –

The Toolbox

  1. The Techniques for mums and birth partners

  2. Practical Aspects to prepare for birth

Session 3 – ‘What if’ session

  1. Data and Statistics of Birth

  2. BRAINS – How to ask Questions

  3. Induction of labour

Session 4 –

The Birth

  1. The Stages of Labour

  2. Birth Preferences

  3. Postnatal Planning

I look forward to working with you in your preparations for a calm, comfortable birth for you and your baby, Vicki x

"Vicki is a fantastic teacher - full of energy and enthusiasm for what she does. You can tell how much she loves and believes in hypnobirthing and cares about the people on her course. I went into the course feeling quite anxious about the birth of my daughter, but coming out the other side, I feel so positive and calm about what's to come. Thank you Vicki - keep doing what you're doing <3" Read more...

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