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"Don't bother making never goes to plan"

Why making a plan is vital for preparing for the birth of your baby. #birthplan #pregnancy #birthpreferences

I see it all the time - facebook groups with people asking for advice on their birth plans and so many mums telling them "don't bother - it never goes to plan." There are so many reasons I want to reply and explain the importance of making a birth plan. Mainly in informing yourself in your choices - the process of making a birth plan can be invaluable in educating yourself and your birth partner on your options.

Birth preferences...birth plans...birth preparations...wishes for birth - it is all the same, it is all saying 'hey this is what is important to us and this is why'. And in that process of deciding what is important to you, you discuss your options, your alternatives and your choices.

Absolutely write a plan, write 5 plans for different scenarios - what are your choices for each circumstances. What are your preferences if you choose to have a c-section birth. How do you feel about assisted delivery? What are your preferences for skin-to-skin contact and how can you be sure that is achieved whatever birth you have.

Birth is not passive. It is not something that is done to you. Your body is not in the hands of your doctor regardless of what is important to you - all interventions need to be your informed choice. But how can you make that informed choice if you don't have an awareness of the benefits and risks of every procedure.

We make plans for everything - our route to work, a rough plan for meeting a friend, a walk or an event. That doesn't mean that if there is a diversion on your way to work that things will all fall apart. It means you take the diversion, or decide upon an alternative route, or maybe you park and make an informed choice to get the bus. However, you had a plan and are able to adapt it.

Make a birth plan in detail for your ideal scenario for birth. But also, be prepared of your options. Outlined the things that are important for you and your birth partner. After all, this is a day you will remember for the rest of your life!

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