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Thinking about giving Hypnobirthing a go?

5 tips for if you are considering using Hypnobirthing to support your pregnancy and birth

  1. Look for a complete antenatal course - at the end of the day, you get what you pay for and for most people reading a book is not enough to get all the tools they need.

  2. The techniques can be used for ANY birth - so take a look whatever birth you are preparing for.

  3. Get your birth partner on board - birth partners are AMAZING and so doing a course together can help you both with bonding with your baby and being confident for your choices in birth.

  4. Get in touch with some hypnobirthing teachers for a chat - find someone you connect with and either join a taster session or give them a call/email.

  5. Go for it - what have you got to loose! Don't be one of the people who regrets not doing a hypnobirthing course in their preparations for a calm, confident birth.

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